So, I am thinking this hiking thing is going to be a regular occurrence with the Grace family.  We went to Seoul Fortress today.  From Discovering Korea Travel & Culture Blog:

Hiking Seoul Fortress (서울성곽) is one of the best ways to experience a conspicuous remnant of Seoul’s ancient past. First constructed in 1396 – just five years after King Taejo founded the Joseon Dynasty – the earthen wall was built to join the ridge lines of the four small mountains that surrounded Seoul proper – Namsan (남산)  in the south, Inwangsan (인왕산) to the west, Naksan (낙산) to the east, and Bugaksan (북악산) in the North. Although much of the old Seoul Fortress wall has been torn down, significant portions remain and others are being rebuilt.

It took everything in me to not pass out from the hike, but I am glad we made it as far as we did.  I mean, we didn't make it to the top, but I also didn't tuck and roll to my death, so it was a win.